People are saying nice things about Petography® :


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 "...A distinctive sepia technique gives the final pet portraits a gentle, antique effect."  (Country Living)



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"Thanks to Petography® household pets can enjoy the sort of aristocratic imaging that hasn’t been seen since Sir Edward Landseer immortalized Queen Victoria’s dogs."  (Elle Decor)



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"Portrait photos of pets that stun the viewers... let Petography immortalize your champion."  (The American Kennel Gazette)



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"Petography®: The ultimate in "fetching" services."  (In Style Magazine)



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"Soulful portraits."  (ABC Primetime)



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"The best in New York."  (New York Magazine)



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"[Petography®] specializes in images that combine the dignity of Yousuf Karsh’s photos and the candor of Weegee’s."  (The New York Times)



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"... A classic quality that transcends time and fashion. That's one reason pet portraits are gifts with the right Christmas spirit. For those who wish to immortalize dogs, cats, horses or any other creature, from ants to elephants."  (Town & Country)



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 "Petography® catches that animal allure... posing pets for ‘high–end’ shots, not ‘cutesy.’"  (USA Today)